🌟 Dua Lipa's Starfish Necklace - Limited Edition 🌟

A large silver pendant that reminds us of the Y2K surf & lemonade atmosphere, this is the choice made by singer Dua Lipa in her music video "Training Season" in 2024. Be on top and shop your starfish necklace in 925 silver before summer, small limited series creation.


Specialists in pastel goth, aesthetic, soft girl and other Y2K styles, we are passionate people looking for alternative fashion and accessories for women.

is a grouping of original universes. Trendy collections and some grunge wardrobe basics.

New products arrive every quarter, be careful our collections are limited.

Here you will find Original clothing , styles Rock , Grunge , Retro, Witch, Pastel Goth, Softy, E-girl, Nu Goth...

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