Means of payment

Two reliable payment methods at your disposal:

Pay for your orders simply and securely. Payment methods offered:

-Paypal account
-Credit card (no account required)

How to proceed ?

For example, I place this cool little dinosaur bag in my cart, then I move on to the order summary. I check the chosen products, my delivery and contact information, I make sure I haven't made any typos and that everything is correct. Then I click on “Place order” .

payment methods the fashion paradox credit card or paypal

On this page I am free to choose my preferred payment method; via my PayPal account following the usual on-screen procedure, or by card (see below). Simply click on “Pay by card” and enter your bank card numbers. And There you go ! The order is placed and paid, all I have to do is wait for the shipping confirmation email. (within 5 to 7 working days)
payment method paypal credit card the fashion paradox

Tips for your online payments:

We put the security and protection of your data at the center of our priorities.
As part of this common goal, you also have a role to play;


https s payment security on the internet

- 1) Always make sure, when you make a purchase on the internet, that your payment page is encrypted. This type of page is easily recognizable thanks to the "S" in the address bar of your browser. ( https:// )

- 2) Never save your passwords for sites that use your banking information. As long as you don't have an infallible anti-virus, it is not inaccessible for unwary people to steal the passwords you save in your internet browser. Avoid saving them for sites you shop on.

- 3) Make your purchases on well-referenced online stores; If you type their name into your search engine their link should appear on the first page.