How to wear fishnets? Trendy looks, ideas and tips

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How to wear fishnets? Trendy looks, ideas and tips

Fishnet guide: trendy tips and tricks for wearing fishnets

Fishnets, a true staple of the grunge rock wardrobe, they marked the 80s/90s and are finally back on the catwalks! They are everywhere, they have suddenly resurfaced after long years of absence, this may seem surprising to you, but not to us: at The Fashion Paradox, we have always believed in and highlighted this product full of charm unfortunately long associated with wrong with a vulgar style.

The important thing is to know how to properly combine fishnets and the mistakes to avoid. Our passion and expertise for alternative fashion has pushed us today to provide you with some tips and tricks for varying styles with fishnet tights, stockings or socks!

There are a multitude of ways to combine them and highlight them with refinement and elegance. Even worn with your favorite basics, fishnets will always bring a distinguished rock touch to your look that others will look at with envy. Whether you're an eccentric goth grunge princess or a more casual glamorous highness, dare to wear fishnets! Follow our advice for each type of fishnet and you will no longer be afraid to wear them in the evening, on the weekend or even to go to work, we promise! Fishnet is very trendy, we see it everywhere, this timeless basic of pop grunge fashion can even be found among luxury designers.

Different types of fishnets

fishnet tights, fishnet socks, fishnet knee-highs, wide, fine, medium fishnet

Fishnets go very well with most styles, from sportswear to classy chic and vintage. They combine endlessly with your style, adding a rock look. But the must of the must to wear fishnets, remains and forever the alternative looks; grunge, punk, rock, pastel goth, gothic, dark, witch etc. It is a strong accessory in an outfit, which is why it is recommended to use it sparingly. Here are our fashion tips and tricks to avoid falling into “too much” and to proudly wear all the types of fishnets that we will review below: ; tights with fine and wide fishnets, knee-highs and socks.

How to wear fishnet socks and knee-highs?

Fishnet knee-highs and socks are interesting to wear in harmony with your style, that is to say as a visible, discreet detail, or as a strong piece giving your look a very "rock", very "fashion" look.

1. Socks

Fishnet socks are very elegant and “fashionable” when worn with heeled shoes or open sandals for example. Combined with a skirt this will give you a super cute, retro and feminine baby-doll look. High or low, these socks also go very well with more casual and chic city shoes such as Marie-Jeanne or Richelieu. This will give you a more urban and workwear look with a rock touch.

In the end, this type of socks goes very well with any pair of shoes, Dc.Martens, Caterpillar, Creepers, Vans, Stan Smith, Sneakers, dress shoes or ankle boots, you can't go wrong!

Examples of associations

  • With jeans, 7/8 pants and sneakers
  • With pumps and skinny pants or leggings
  • With a skirt and open heel/platform sandals

Our medium mesh socks:

short black fishnet socks the fashion paradox
black transparent socks with stars

fishnet socks, grunge socksLOOKS STYLES SHORT BLACK MESH SOCKS

2. Knee-highs, stockings and high socks

Just like fishnet socks, fishnet knee-highs can be worn simply with shorts, a skirt or a dress that shows off the leg. With a pleated skirt they will give you a schoolgirl look to pair with low shoes, while with shorts and ankle boots your style will be more similar to a punk, grunge outfit. The knee-highs are a daring stylistic choice and a very strong piece with the partially exposed leg and its opaque elastic band at the calf. They will be more suited to a very “fashionable” evening or weekend outfit. Combined with a mid-thigh dress or a long slit dress, fishnet knee-highs are a very sophisticated and elegant detail. For all your casual rock chic outfits, they will be your trendy and timeless ally.

Knee-high socks and knee-high socks are a little trickier to pair with your outfits. These strong pieces will go, for example, wonderfully with high boots, ankle boots, platform shoes, heels, and sneakers. But AVOID casual city shoes, which are too out of step with the alternative style of fishnet knee-highs, and prefer strong stylish shoes.

Examples of associations

  • With a long slit dress and pumps
  • With a skater or pleated skirt and platform shoes
  • With a long flowing skirt and heeled shoes

► Our wide fishnet stockings:

put down grunge rock in fishnets the fashion paradox

black short calf fishnet stockings the fashion paradox

► Our large fishnet knee-highs:

put on wide fishnet stockings the fashion paradox fashion grunge rock alternative

trendy tips and tricks for high and knee-high fishnet socks

advice tips fashion trend how to wear fishnet socks tights

How to wear fishnet tights?

Fishnet tights are paradoxically super easy and quite difficult to wear. On the one hand, they can be worn with any clothing (skirts, shorts, dresses, under jeans, etc.) and with any shoes. On the other hand, depending on the size of the fishnet (fine, medium or large), they look more or less dressy or grunge. It is original, for a sophisticated rock style to cut the line of the leg with very high socks over your fishnets. These keep you warm and make your outfit a little dressier. (see middle bottom photo below ↓)

1. Fine fishnet tights

For an everyday workwear look that's still rock'n'roll, choose a vintage style. For example, a skirt, a blouse and fine fishnets combined with dress shoes.

All shoes will go wonderfully with fishnet tights. Small and medium fishnet tights refine the legs and beautify the curves of the leg, as well as the shape of the calf.

Examples of associations

  • With a vintage style / city shoes
  • With a skirt, shorts
  • With contrasting opaque socks
  • With open sandals

Our black fine fishnet tights

fine fishnet tights

2. Wide fishnet tights

For a more rock/alternative look for your evening and weekend outfits with friends, fine or wide fishnets combined with a dark top will be perfect with your favorite grunge shoes (lace-up ankle boots, platform shoes, DrMartens, Buffalos, New rock, Rangers etc...)

Wide fishnets are very trendy at the moment, and for good reason, the growing craze for sportswear/grunge looks where fishnets appear that protrude, through the pants, at the ankles or above the waist. This "sticky tights" style remains questionable for some, but we love it! And you ?

Tip: If you think large fishnet tights are too bare, or a little too grungy for your taste, we offer you an alternative. To enhance your outfit in a more elegant way, wear transparent black tights (between 20 and 40D) under your fishnet tights. These will dress up your outfit a little more while keeping the very underground style of large fishnets (example in the 3rd photo at the top right).

Examples of associations

  • With all your grungiest rock shoes
  • Under open/torn jeans
  • On semi-opaque tights
  • With high socks

Our wide black fishnet tights

wide fishnet tights the fashion paradox

Our wide white fishnet tights

wide white fishnet tights

how to wear fishnet tights, fine fishnet, wide, grunge rock style

7 things to avoid with fishnets

When worn incorrectly, fishnets can appear clumsy or even give a vulgar look. Here is our advice on the fashion faux-pas not to make when wearing fishnet socks, stockings or tights.

By visualizing the associations as you read, you will quickly understand why things are wrong ;)

  1. Do not overdose! Fishnet is a strong material.
  2. Do not combine them with animal prints.
  3. Do not combine them with fur-type materials.
  4. Do not wear with leather or shiny thigh-high boots!
  5. Avoid vermilion red lipstick, which is too garish.
  6. Fishnet mittens are definitely “has-been” and should be banned. (sorry, these must remain beautiful memories of your emo period)
  7. Subject to certain specific styles, colored fishnets other than white or black should also be avoided.

Conclusion : Dare! Fishnets are back on the scene and it's time to make them your own with style, your style! They are an accessory with strong character and easy to match while avoiding details that may appear vulgar, they will be your ally all year round, summer and winter!

↓ Share with us your fishnet fashion tips and advice in the comments ↓

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