How to wear multiple rings?!

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How to wear multiple rings?!

Tips and Tricks for matching your rings and wearing several at once

Accumulating rings is very trendy, especially in summer! They allow a sophisticated style despite the flip-flops and shorts that we love to wear during the hot weather! The rings overlap and stack for a guaranteed fashion style! Even though they have the power to brighten up our style, these little wonders are not always easy to match! We have selected packs of 10 to 15 rings for you to make your task easier, but you can also apply our advice by using your favorite rings.

Here we offer you three ways to wear your most beautiful rings according to your style!

wear several rings on the same hand tutorial

  • 1. Opulent ) For an ethnic/tribal look, slip on 3 rings at the base of each finger, then alternate the placement of the remaining rings on the top of the hand in a staggered manner. A wider ring on the thumbs or little fingers depending on your desires will be appreciated for this style.

►Tip: Place the largest/widest rings at the base of the fingers and the thinnest and most delicate ones towards the ends of the fingers. If you want a slightly more refined style, remove every other ring.

  • 2. Precious) For a feminine, casual and shiny look, prefer more imposing rings than small, thin rings, for example; it's time to bring out your most beautiful stones, symbols, engravings, etc. Choose 3 large rings with harmonious colors and 1 thin, more discreet ring. Place one ring on your three central fingers then put the thinnest one on the end of your middle finger! Works with all rings!

►Tip: You can stack 2 or 3 thin rings to replace 1 large ring at the base of your fingers. If you want a more refined style, remove every other ring.

  • 3.Girly) For a feminine, dressy and original look, opt for symmetrically placed rings. Avoid jewelry on the thumbs and little fingers and favor the index, middle and ring fingers. A strong ring is placed at the base of the finger (like a stone or a small symbol) and a thin ring or ring at the end of the same finger. Then, we repeat the operation for the other two.

►Tip: For this style, prefer thin, light rings and few large rings. If you want a more refined style, remove every third ring.

how to wear lots of rings on one hand

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