From the catwalks to the streets: the artists who popularized modern gothic fashion

From the catwalks to the streets: the artists who popularized modern gothic fashion

Gothic fashion is a style that has captivated generations of people around the world. And now, it even inspires contemporary artists and designers who create artwork and clothing that reflects their love for this unique style. In this article, we'll explore some of the most interesting and influential artists and designers who draw inspiration from gothic fashion , giving you an overview of their remarkable work. [...]

Contemporary Fashion Designers are inspired by Goth

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Alexander McQueen : The late Alexander McQueen is known for incorporating gothic elements into his designs, combining glamor and darkness in dramatic silhouettes. He notably collaborated with singer Björk , whose music and costumes have often been associated with the gothic fashion movement.


Vivienne Westwood : This British designer is famous for her punk and gothic collections, having dressed artists such as Siouxsie Sioux , Madonna and Adam Ant. She popularized the corset in the Gothic style , creating iconic pieces such as the bondage corset .


Rick Owens : American designer Rick Owens, also nicknamed " the godfather of Glam Goth ", created an eponymous fashion brand, which is inspired by gothic and underground aesthetics. Her collections are known for their draped silhouettes, asymmetrical cuts and dark, luxurious materials .


Gareth Pugh : British designer Gareth Pugh is known for his avant-garde and theatrical designs, which often incorporate elements of gothic fashion. His collections are often associated with dark colors and exaggerated silhouettes , reflecting the dramatic aesthetic of goth subculture.

gothic look at the Yohji Yamamoto show 2020 2021 ready to wear The Fashion Paradox

Yohji Yamamoto : Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto is famous for his unconventional approach to fashion, which blends influences from gothic , punk and avant-garde fashion. Her collections often feature black and dark pieces, like leather jackets and lace dresses , with asymmetrical cuts.

fashion show look like boys winter 2019 with a gothic look THE FASHION PARADOX

Comme des Garçons : Japanese fashion brand created by designer Rei Kawakubo , Comme des Garçons is known for its avant-garde designs that often have gothic elements. It's all in the details, chains, rivets, studs, leather, futuristic materials.

Nuit Clothing photo of high-end women's gothic clothing THE FASHION PARADOX

Nuit Clothing : This Melbourne, Australia-based brand launched in 2017 and its designer focuses on premium women's gothic fashion. Their designs include dresses, skirts, tops and coats in a dark and romantic style that is very sophisticated and refined at the same time. ♥ Nuit Clothing is a real gem, go take a look!


Iris van Herpen : This Dutch designer is known for her futuristic and experimental designs, which combine traditional sewing techniques with modern technologies. Some of his designs have gothic and dark influences.

Olivier Theyskens gothic collections black lace dresses Belgian fashion designer

Olivier Theyskens : This Belgian designer has worked for brands like Rochas, Nina Ricci and Theory, creating dark and romantic designs with gothic influences . He has also worked with celebrities like Madonna and Nicole Kidman. Her style is recognizable by her ultra feminine silhouettes with beautiful black lace dresses .

[...] to name only the most famous designers. But what we like about the gothic movement is that it is a very creative and “ DIY ” environment. We then all become creators in our own way and that’s what’s beautiful! It’s a real means of communication! We don't always find what we want, so we craft and customize! It's an elaborate look in which every detail counts.

Artists who are inspired by the Gothic style.

The Sisters of MercyEnglish rock band formed in 1980, the band members were goth fashion icons in the 80s with their dramatic makeup style and dark outfits.

Rei Naito - Japanese artist, Naito creates installations and sculptures that often have gothic elements, such as crows or coffins.

Marilyn MansonAmerican musician and singer , Manson is known for his dramatic and provocative gothic style, as well as his music that mixes rock and electronica with gothic elements.

Zdzisław Beksiński : This Polish artist created dark, melancholic paintings that often depict post-apocalyptic landscapes and grotesque figures.

HR Giger : This Swiss artist is best known for creating the designs for the film "Alien". His style is dark, macabre and often inspired by biology.

Tim Burton : Although Burton is not specifically a Gothic artist, his work is often linked to Gothic culture due to its dark and macabre aesthetic.

Edward Gorey : This American illustrator is famous for his macabre drawings and dark stories. His work has been described as " elegant, sinister and strange ."

Gustave Doré : This 19th-century French artist is known for his prints depicting dark literary works like Dante's "The Divine Comedy" and "The Tales of Perrault."

Clive Barker : This British author is best known for his horror and fantasy stories , which are often dark and tortured . Author of a real complete fictional universe around the famous novel "Hellraiser".

Francisco Goya : Goya's art is often dark and tortured , and he often depicted macabre subjects like war, illness, and death .

Edgar Allan Poe : Although not a visual artist, the works of Edgar Allan Poe had a huge influence on the Gothic movement , particularly regarding the themes of death and madness .

Remedios Varo : This Spanish artist created strange , dreamlike paintings that often mix gothic and fantastical elements.

Kathe Kollwitz : This German artist created prints and sculptures that often depict human suffering, poverty and war .

Guillermo del Toro : is a Mexican director and screenwriter known for his fantasy films, often dark and imbued with a gothic aesthetic . He has notably directed films such as "Pan's Labyrinth" (2006), "Crimson Peak" (2015) and "The Shape of Water" (2017), which are all imbued with a dark, macabre atmosphere and dreamlike reminiscent of the Gothic movement. Del Toro is also known for his love of monsters , strange creatures, and desperate characters , all of which are themes found in Gothic art.

HP Lovecraft : Master of Cosmic Horror , is an American writer who wrote horror and science fiction stories. He is best known for his concept of Cosmic Horror , which puts forward the idea that humanity is insignificant in an indifferent and hostile universe. His stories have inspired many other fantasy and horror authors, such as Stephen King and Neil Gaiman.

Arthur Machen : Writer of the Occult, is a British writer who explored themes of the occult, magic and mythology in his stories. His most famous story is "The Great God Pan", which tells the story of a scientific experiment that reveals the existence of an occult and terrifying world. Machen influenced many other horror and fantasy writers, notably HP Lovecraft.

Thomas Ligotti : Writer of Absurd Existentialism, is an American writer who wrote horror and fantasy stories. He is best known for his dark and depressing writing style, which explores themes of death , madness , and absurd existence . His stories are often compared to those of Franz Kafka and Samuel Beckett.

Junji Ito : Mangaka of the Macabre, is a Japanese manga artist who became famous for his horror and suspense stories. His detailed and macabre drawing style creates a dark and frightening atmosphere that has captivated millions of readers. Ito was influenced by writers such as HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe.

These are some examples of artists whose work is linked to the Gothic movement . Of course, there are many others and it is interesting to discover new artists who continue to explore the dark and melancholic themes of the Gothic movement . Name your favorite artists linked to the macabre, goth, dark romanticism etc. in the comments and we will edit this list! Share with us

Today's trends are inspired by Gothicism

Gothic fashion is not only a fashion style , it is also a source of inspiration for many talented artists and designers. Whether they're creating clothing, jewelry, artwork, or music, these contemporary artists all have one thing in common: their love for the dark, elegant style of gothic fashion. We hope this article has given you an insight into the different contemporary artists and designers who draw inspiration from gothic fashion, and perhaps even inspired your own creativity. Whether you're a long-time fan or a new follower, always remember that gothic fashion is a means of self-expression and creativity.

To find out more and obtain precise information on each subgenre of the gothic style , I invite you to click here and read our ultimate guide, the best on the internet , which brings together absolutely all the known goth styles . ↓ (as usual, do not hesitate to share your knowledge with us in comments in order to improve our article ♥)

" the rise of gothic fashion from punk rebellion to haute couture shows"

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