The Complete Guide to Dressing Like a Soft Girl / Softie

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The Complete Guide to Dressing Like a Soft Girl / Softie

How to dress like a Soft Girl?

The Complete Guide to Dressing Like a Soft Girl and Understanding Your Origins

Nowadays, everyone can freely express their style and personality with a multitude of more or less sophisticated codes and looks. In recent years, a host of new original and modern styles have appeared among young people (and those not so young). You probably already know the styles inspired by Japanese Kawaii and Pastel culture, but do you really know what the Soft Girl is?

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This style appeared just a few years ago on social networks and is a real sartorial gem. Today, these are the Softie style codes that I will dissect for you in order to give you the best tips for adopting this urban and colorful style. From the appearance of the style to recent trends, I decipher everything for you about this unique and original universe.

Where does Soft Girl come from and how did she appear?

As I told you, a multitude of new styles have appeared on social networks in recent years. These styles are all color palettes and ways to develop your clothing personality that you need to find your world and feel good in your look. You've probably heard of E-girls and VSCO Girls , these feminine looks with a grunge and casual look have created a buzz and rightly so: they are at the top of the trend and perfectly charming.

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Just like these two stylistic identities, the Soft Girl appeared on social networks and more particularly on Tik Tok barely two years ago. Not only is the Soft Girl the result of a variation of these inspirations, but not only that! The Soft Girl was born directly following another well-known trend that has been established for some time in Europe and also very widely in Japan: the Soft Boy .

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Also, another video format common on Tik Tok which has strongly participated in the democratization of the Soft Girl style is a genre of “Haul”.

Let me explain, to a musical rhythm (always, we're on Tik Tok aren't we 😉) people parade pieces of clothing, skirts, tops, accessories in turn in their hands then put everything on subsequently to create a total look and present everything worn together harmoniously.

With this trend appeared the hashtag #SoftSzn which means “soft season” in English and which refers to spring which is, you may have guessed, the Soft Vibe’s favorite season! Indeed, “ Soft style ” is above all a story of colors and harmony which go perfectly with the spirit of spring !

Light colors, mixtures of tones, pastel shades, flowers and butterflies are, for example, codes common to the Soft Girl style.

What is a Soft Girl? The essentials and codes of this style that will make you glow

Now that you have learned more about the appearance of this trendy style, it is time to learn more about its origins, its inspirations and to deepen your knowledge.

First of all, you will have understood, if the Soft Girl is described as “soft”, it is because she mainly wears light colors including a beautiful selection of pastel colors, pink and sky blue . Its soft and bright colors recall the monochrome and scent of flowers at the arrival of spring.


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Imagine yourself lying on vigorously planted grass in the shade of the sun in the middle of a field of flowers, a gentle breeze caressing your face... Yes! The Soft Girl is a poet at heart who dresses the joy of living combined with a touch of nature.

Perfect ! You are now in the ideal mood to begin your transformation into a Soft Girl.

Spring being the Soft Girl 's favorite season, she seeks to appropriate the elements linked to this beautiful season which resonates softness and femininity . I previously mentioned the flowers which are obviously part of the Soft Girl's daily landscape, yes! But not only that… A precise selection of symbols are an integral part of the mood, the atmosphere, the very style of the Soft Girl.


The Soft Girl is colorful , the Soft Girl is vibrant, she is soft and delicate, which is why her favorite colors are pastel colors as well as light colors. 💜 Mauve, lilac , 💛 pastel yellow, 💗 pale pink , sea green and especially 💙 sky blue, these are all colors that fans of the style love. A little monochrome top harmonized with your shoes or your accessories or even a multicolored knitted knit will be key pieces that will not leave you indifferent.

We want powder pink , pastel pink , we want light blue , we want pastel purple, imagine that you are a kind of soft, round and tangy little candy for the eyes.

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The symbols

Among the most represented symbols, we find for example rainbows 🌈☀️ (what could be more cute, wonderful and frankly poetic?). Whether it's on a t-shirt, a little top, as a barrette in your hair or as a sticker on your photos , the rainbow is never too much and will not stand out.

Just as colorful as rainbows, fruits are there! 🍑 Fruit is beautiful and it's at least as vitamin-rich as the Soft Girl 's personality! 🍒 Put some stickers on your photos or enhance your fruit style with patterns or accessories . 🍓

soft girl fruit watermelon earrings the fashion partadox Small red apple shoulder bag fruit soft girl the fashion paradox

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Another adorable and much appreciated symbol: 🌥 clouds . ☁️Yes, the clouds! Because spring isn't all about rainbows and flowers! What makes the spring sky so charming after the short, dark days of winter are its pretty, round, soft clouds . Do you also want to lay your head there to daydream in colors and little hearts? We agree !

Shop your little mid-season sweater dotted with pretty fluffy clouds :

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If the Soft Girl is sweet and colorful , she is obviously a great supporter of love! 💞 Poetic and attentive, she lives life in pink 🌺 (that's true) and therefore adores little hearts 💕! Little hearts as a kawaii pattern on her t-shirts , little hearts on her make-up, little hearts all the way to her nails!! 💗 Little hearts are the basis, it's so cute, who doesn't like that?! …I’m starting to feel targeted….

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If the Soft Girl loves rainbows, flowers and pastel colors , there is another major element that is part of the look: butterflies 🦋 ! Yes, butterflies 🦋 are just as adorable as the bright, colorful and spring style of the Soft Girl, a symbol of choice!

Whether on the nails, integrated into makeup or as a motif on your t-shirt , the butterfly that flutters above the flowered paths is a strong and rural icon that the Soft Girl cherishes.

According to the elements previously mentioned, as you can see, this style is similar to a little girl's style and draws some of its inspiration from our old look from the 90s mixed with the natural elements of spring. It’s fresh, it’s cute, it’s colorful, what more can I say? We can only adore.

The major advantage of the Soft Girl style is that it is easily wearable on a daily basis . More or less pronounced, the Soft Girl look is romantic and charming, not enough to make your hair stand on end, seeing its color harmonies, you feel rather enchanted.


Let's talk more concretely about the pieces that interest the Soft Girl;

Above all, one watchword: comfort! Eh yes ! Because if the Soft Girl likes to be sophisticated and feminine, she appreciates above all being comfortable to live fully and express herself.

Among the key pieces of her look, we find the mom jeans . 👖 Mom jeans are, as their name suggests, supposed to be our moms' jeans. That is to say, jeans with a vintage/retro cut worthy of the 70s/80s with a high or mid-rise waist and a straight cut wide at the hips. It has the advantage of emphasizing the waist and being very comfortable.

You will also see her wearing overalls with a rather loose and oversized cut, layered over a t-shirt or sweatshirt. This very simple, but no less super original outfit is a must. It has the advantage of being as comfortable as jeans with that little extra “je ne sais quoi” that makes the look super girly, retro and original .

overalls soft girl denim shorts the fashion paradox

At the top, she favors crop tops which are very easy to wear combined with the mom jeans we talked about previously or with overalls (hey! clever right?! What do you say about that?!) . It's not a question of showing off your chest too much, a little visible peach skin edging will be enough.

Combined with these two pieces, the crop-top seems to be a perfect choice for being light but comfortable .

Crop top in voile, little pink top to layer Y2K kawaii soft girl Softgirl multicolor striped elastic knit crop top

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But it's spring all the same, let's not forget, although the Soft Girl is a warm season nymph, a little extra wool may be necessary. To this, I answer: no problemo! Because if the Soft Girl likes to feel the light breeze on her shoulders, she also likes to be warm in the fall and winter. For this, there's nothing like a little layered t-shirt , a pastel-colored sweatshirt or a colorful long-sleeved top, always! Often her tops, sweatshirts and crop tops are light, ruffled, bi-material or printed with messages such as “ baby girl ” “ cute ”…

The accessories

It's time to return to childhood, but with an added touch of glamor and good taste in order to have a woman-child look while being modern.

In terms of accessories, the Soft Girl often wears barrettes and numerous hair accessories that recall the hairstyles of young girls at the start of the school year. ADORABLE ! From ponytails to pigtails , all kinds of retro hairstyles are in style. This is not the time to go minimalist, scrunchies , barrettes , bows , everything is allowed as long as it is not too excessive in quantity.

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But wait, my child, I haven't told you about the best! The bags !!! All types of original small bags are suitable for softie style ! That's what is good ! I particularly like the bag/plush toy , but otherwise, one of my favorites: the transparent PVC bag ! A little stylistic marvel available in colors and/or more or less opaque and translucent. This type of bag will not only change your life but, moreover, will be the icing on the cake of your new style .

Indeed, this type of bag, although quite trendy since 2018, is not so common and remains a very original and retro piece (Kisses to the Barbie-Girls of the 90s , we miss you). Plus, you'll never lose your wallet at the bottom of your tote again. Like Hermione and her magical expandable bag, you'll be able to get your hands on everything inside in the blink of an eye, just by looking through it. Not bad at all eh?!

On her feet, the Soft Girl wears Buffalo , Doc Martens , white sneakers or sneakers with cute little patterns and occasionally, for a dressier outfit, Babies .


Ultimately, being dressed in the Soft Girl trend is not complicated, but it's all in the detail and harmony of the outfit. Don't forget a little touch of gloss and light makeup to brighten your complexion. Some have launched the fashion for freckles , that is to say that with makeup they draw fine freckles on the top of the cheeks and on the nose, I'm in love, it's lovely!

Finally, the Soft Girl is a clever mix between the E-girl and the VSCO girl . She dreams of colors and has a “ positive attitude ”, without being too classic and mainstream.

The Soft Girl is above all a well-groomed young woman who has the joy of living . She expresses her mood and her curiosity with easy-to-wear, joyful and casual clothes which allows her to simply be herself in all circumstances.

You now have all the tools to create your own version of Soft Girl style.


5 easy looks to dress like a Soft Girl every day and effortlessly.

In a few images, here are the clothing combinations muse of the Soft Girl look , take inspiration from these to create your own style and embody the most beautiful of all! ♥






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