World of work VS Alternative styles?! Original clothing looks, tattoos, piercings and jobs, are they incompatible?

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World of work VS Alternative styles?! Original clothing looks, tattoos, piercings and jobs, are they incompatible?

Having your own personal and original style, being yourself and feeling good in your sneakers every day is important! So how can “going to work” and “being stylish” rhyme with agility?! Should I go to work every day in a civilian uniform or can I allow my eccentricities?! This is what we are going to show you!

Although clothes do not make a monk, as was already said in the 13th century, our appearance is our first language. While the question of work is at the center of current debates, in the same way as discrimination in hiring , some people encounter difficulties linked to their origins and their style of clothing. Many people censor their identity and wait until nightfall or the weekend to put on their most beautiful pieces. To this The Fashion Paradox responds: Dare! But with respect and elegance.

I) Understanding prejudices

Alternative pierced tattooed girl, difficulties finding work gothic grunge style

When we meet a new person, the first language with which we communicate is our image , our physique, our style . At that moment, our brain automatically draws a portrait of the person in front of us and brings together the information it has about them. (His hair color, his style, mutual friends, his origins, his age etc...) Information which is few compared to the tree of his entire life which is in front of us. It is then that we will unconsciously tend to complete the profile a little by associating what we see of this person with what they evoke to us. And that’s where Jean-Michel Préjugé comes into play!

Typically, for example, a woman with a seemingly formal and classic style is not necessarily the person we think she is in her private life! And we are often surprised by the people we classify too easily into boxes! Maybe she is passionate about extreme sports ? Acrobatic rock ? Or maybe she's crazy about latex catsuits ?! Who knows at this point after all?! Likewise, a manipulator is often an outwardly lovely person.

But, when our image is in the hands of the person who will decide to hire you, to trust you or not, it makes or breaks! Know that you and I are not from the same generation as our parents. Their cultural references are different from ours (even if we follow in their footsteps). This is how some people are led to “judge”/“define” alternative styles in a way different from ours. The rock and punk style of clothing can be associated with the black jacket movement, from which, casually, the aesthetic of the look is inspired.... But not only that! These days, we all have beliefs and “fights” dear to our hearts; the protection of animals , the liberation of social classes ... and it is also through fashion and style that we express these. So, not all rock music fans are cads who should be considered delinquents!

II) Coping tactfully (tips) matte black doc martens high top shoes

Recently I heard these few sentences which sum up my vision of things quite well:

" All girls should refuse the rules of the stupid game that are imposed on us and on ourselves. You must not be too fat, nor too skinny. You must not have too light skin, neither too dark, nor too sassy, ​​nor too uptight, nor too intelligent, nor too stupid. You have to be yourself but you better be within the norm.

This last sentence is disturbingly true. Let's realize that the dictacts of magazines and television are only sales arguments, let's not succumb to the temptation to conform to these beauty stereotypes created by man for man. We are much richer than that deep down in each of us, our passions, our humor , our personality , these are values ​​that are specific to us and which must be communicated. Furthermore, by studying more closely the image that the media peddles of THE woman, her attitude, her look, we realize that she is over sexualized and rather very (very) classic, superficial. This is valid everywhere in the world but especially in France, which, in its history was the queen of rococo, oppulance and flourish and which today becomes refined and sanitized. The codes change, so do men, but it seems important to me to remain yourself before wanting to have everything and do everything like everyone else "because it's good, because it's beautiful, because it's is the definition of class and luxury ." Which, to me, rhymes with minimalism and trouble. But what is beauty if not what YOU really love?

If you too, like more and more people, are aware of this and are shaping your own style , I will now try to give you tips so that you can remain yourself on a daily basis. Because yes! Going to work with a grunge , kawaii , goth , retro or pop style is not within the reach of all jobs!


    1. Piercings and tattoos
      Never easy to approach, but not impossible to accept, body modifications can be disturbing. As for piercings , (and I know what I'm talking about) my first advice will be to try to minimize their presence on the face. For example, wear jewelry in solid, matching colors (prefer silver or gold colors) but also reduce their size. Going from 4/5mm diameter piercing balls to 2/3mm balls makes a big difference when we look at you overall, this is not negligible! Your piercings and your overall look will appear thinner and more elegant and more like jewelry . Regarding the spreaders , if they are visible a lot, prefer full, plain jewelry rather than tunnels or plugs with colorful patterns. You can also remove your usual spacers and put "weights" like earrings , this is a little more discreet.

      2. Colored hair

      On this point, it has become a little more popular in recent years, colored hair is more accepted than ever but it remains annoying for the toughest. There, no big miracle, if you have entirely colored hair, blue or pink, prefer attached hairstyles to free and loose hair. Hair dyed red fades better than most other bright colors because the red approaches the red as it bleeds. Also, you have the possibility of bleaching and coloring only half of the head by isolating a section of hair on the top of the head, these, falling down will hide the dyed hair .

      3. Clothing style

      This is where everything comes into play, it's time to make a (small) effort. As I mentioned above, it is common for people to have preconceptions about alternative styles (gothic, grunge, kawaii, pastel goth, rock, punk, retro...) all these styles are inspired by counterculture , subculture or popular culture which, by definition, is opposed to elitist codes. ripped jeans , transparent materials , fishnets , colors , black , to each their own hobby! However, my tastes are not to everyone's taste and vice versa. SO ! How to keep your style while being impeccable at work?!

      - Avoid wearing distinctive symbols: skulls, religious symbols, ethnic symbols, pentagrams , dark patterns and other symbols that could be misinterpreted should be avoided. You can easily maintain your sophisticated style by doing without these symbols.

      - Keep your style by harmonizing it with a more urban look , let me explain: it is obvious that in many professions "come as you are" is not always accepted, which is why I think it is It is useful to temper your style and match it with the conditions, that is to say, the world of work . Fragment your style, your hair , piercings or tattoos already play a big role. For example, opt for a matching top and pants and a jacket that makes you dream: true to your style . Or the opposite, a matching jacket and bottoms worn with a stunning top! It's all about balance.

      - Important point: Avoid inappropriate gaits; If you don't wear any symbols or offensive designs, you can't be blamed for anything more or less. To be even more impeccable, avoid "trash", "sexy", "prefer an elegant and professional look, it is also a mark of respect. Combine your strong style pieces with basics harmoniously and you will be more perceived as "the original " of the box rather than the marginal one .

      - Do not wear excessive accessories , once again, hair, tattoos ... and clothing style little by little already weigh heavily in the balance, so take it easy on accessories. Avoid mittens , overly specific hair accessories or accumulations of jewelry .

      It's not easy to juggle all that, some already do it very well, adapting your style to the conditions is essential to avoid being discriminated against, neither when hiring, nor at work. So continue to be beautiful, to be Fashion Paradoxes! If you have any tips and tricks to add to these few ideas, don't hesitate to share them with us by email or in the comments! Long life, Peace and Prosperity! ♥

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