What is an E-girl style? The new trend you need to know about!

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What is an E-girl style? The new trend you need to know about!

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Everyone has a unique sense of style, but recent years have seen the emergence of a growing number of subcultures. The latest fashion trends are seen everywhere, and the " E-girl " or " quirky girl " style is becoming more and more popular. Both men and women are adopting a more eccentric style, it's a trend you need to know about! This delicate phase between childhood and adulthood can be quite confusing for some people. It usually involves trying on new identities and experimenting with different aesthetics. Many young people take the opportunity to embrace their identity to the point of making it a lifestyle in its own right . A complete set of clothes , hairstyle , makeup and even accessories allows you to perfectly express your identity. And that's it for E-girls !

How to dress like an E-girl?

If you like rock looks and video games , you're probably wondering: How to dress like an E-girl? Well, the first thing to know is that there is no specific dress code when it comes to being an E-girl . It's about expressing yourself through your personal style and finding your comfort level. Your fashion doesn't have to be conventional, as long as it suits you. If you're looking for inspiration, you can start by paying attention to the brands and personalities that E-girls follow. You can also learn about the latest trends in pop culture. And of course, don't forget to experiment and have fun . You should never feel pressured to conform to a specific style or dress like someone else. Be yourself !

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Why is this trend becoming more and more popular?

Some people may wonder why this trend has become so popular. For example, quirky girl style is a trend that highlights a person's uniqueness and personality. But above all, the “quirky girl” style is about feeling good about yourself. It's about embracing all the quirks of your personality and finding confidence in your own skin. Other cultures have long had subcultures that revolve around personal style, but ours is different. We have the Internet, social media, and all the online platforms that make it easier than ever for us to share our interests with each other.

What are the characteristics of an E-girl?

- A trend consisting of a unique and original fashion : To fit into the E-girl style, you have to show a little creativity. You need to feel comfortable with your clothes and with being different from others.

- A very feminine style : The main characteristic of the E-girl is femininity , whether in terms of appearance or lifestyle. Some E-girls often wear long skirts, colorful frills, and delicate jewelry . - Emphasis on creativity : In addition to being feminine, the E-girl also has a creative side. She appreciates handmade accessories and original patterns .

- An idealistic and romantic style : Unlike an ordinary girl, the E-girl is more idealistic and romantic. She likes to dream and often associates her fantasies with nature.

Quirky girl and e-girl styles: the essentials

- Quirky girl : Basically, the E-girl is a girl whose style is completely different from the norm . This style has no fixed rules in terms of clothing , accessories , makeup or hairstyle.

- Anime Style : E-girls often take inspiration from anime , and there's nothing wrong with that! Some young women like to combine their stilettos with a pair of fluffy pink socks like Jem and the Holograms !

- Crop-top and overlays : while the details are important, an element of style nevertheless ensures that you don't go wrong. Layer tops, t-shirts and crop tops, play with materials and transparencies. The must-have remains the transparent fishnet top, a best to have in your e-girl wardrobe!

The perfect top for your eccentric and original e-girl style:


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- A large bag : What's in your bag? Make sure you have a large bag with you at all times, as it is the most essential piece of clothing you can have.

- Colorful accessories : The goal of this style is to offset your black outfit with a touch of color. If you wear black, put on a colorful scarf or belt to break the mood a little.

- A bold hair color : If you are not ready to dye your hair, you can wear a wig. There are so many colors to choose from, so it's up to you what you want to do.

- A long skirt : This is a classic piece that has been worn by women for centuries. You can find all kinds of styles and colors.

- Buckled boots : This is a style choice that is becoming more and more popular among women of all ages. It's always a good idea to have a pair of black boots in your closet.


The E-girl trend is a growing trend that allows people to express themselves through their clothing and accessories. Although this trend has been around for many years, it has only been in the last ten years that it has become truly popular. This trend is not only popular among women, but also among men. Anyone can wear this trend, as long as you're comfortable being different from everyone else.

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