Mermaidcore trend, Dua Lipa's necklace summer 2024 the must have

Mermaidcore trend, Dua Lipa's necklace summer 2024 the must have

Dive into Summer 2024 with the Dua Lipa Necklace: Mermaidcore Y2K Elegance

Dua Lipa sports a sterling silver starfish pendant, delicately suspended from a black cord. This jewel, representative of regeneration, fits perfectly into the Mermaidcore trend which continues to mark summer outfits this year... in pictures its new passion for this essential fashion trend so Y2K!

Summer 2024 trend: The jewel of summer

Summer 2024 promises to be a year of nostalgia and daring, with a trend that revives memories of the 2000s while evoking the essence of mermaids: Mermaidcore . In this retro-futuristic wave, one accessory particularly attracts attention: the 925 sterling silver starfish necklace worn by the famous pop singer, Dua Lipa , in her latest music video "Training Season". Did you notice it too?! Hard to miss it! Don't miss the opportunity to get yours by > clicking here < Please note: very limited series .


Dua Lipa , a true fashion icon, never ceases to inspire with her daring clothing choices. His new music video “ Training Season ” immerses us in a captivating summer universe. But beyond the captivating rhythms and choreography, it is the silver starfish necklace that captures our attention.

This necklace , a symbol of regeneration and natural beauty, perfectly embodies the Mermaidcore aesthetic that is all the rage this season. Its delicate shape and sterling silver design are reminiscent of the hidden treasures of the deep sea, while the waxed black cord adds a touch of modernity and versatility. Shop your starfish silver pendant necklace > click here <

This jewel, inspired by the star's music video, quickly became the object of all desire. Her association with Dua Lipa , an artist recognized worldwide for her avant-garde style, gives her an aura of desirability and absolute trendiness. But beyond its association with a celebrity, this starfish necklace embodies the spirit of summer: freedom, lightness and joy of living .


As the Mermaidcore trend continues to conquer the catwalks and streets, this necklace is positioned as the essential accessory of the season. Whether you wear it with a casual outfit for a day at the beach or coordinate it with an elegant dress for an evening under the stars, this piece of jewelry will bring a touch of magic to your summer look.

Mermaidcore is a cultural and artistic movement inspired by the magical and mysterious world of sea creatures, particularly mermaids . This aesthetic is characterized by a fascination with the sea , its colors and its creatures, as well as a desire to capture its essence in all aspects of daily life.

The dominant colors of Mermaidcore are hues of deep blue, emerald green and turquoise , combined with iridescent and shiny accents that evoke the reflections of light on water . These colors are often used in clothing , accessories and interior design to create an enchanting and magical atmosphere.

Typical Mermaidcore motifs include shells , starfish , seahorses , seaweed and other marine elements, which are integrated into clothing , accessories and even tattoos to evoke the seabed and fantasy worlds.

In fashion terms, Mermaidcore is characterized by flowing, light and airy outfits, often made in fabrics like chiffon, tulle and silk to evoke the lightness of water . Jewelry and accessories also play an important role, with adornments such as shells , pearls and precious stones reminiscent of treasures from the sea .

But it's not just Dua Lipa who succumbed to the charm of this mermaid starfish necklace . Many famous personalities, such as Beyoncé , Rosie Huntington-Whiteley , Elsa Hosk , Hailey Bieber and Camille Charrière , have also been seduced by its chic and timeless look. This is how this necklace becomes much more than a simple fashion accessory: it embodies a true cultural phenomenon, a symbol of summer 2024 and the revisited Y2K aesthetic.

Must Have for Summer 2024

In conclusion, the starfish necklace in 925 sterling silver , inspired by Dua Lipa in her music video " Training Season ", stands out as the essential jewel for summer 2024 . With its elegant design , its powerful symbolism and its retro-futuristic connotation, it perfectly embodies the spirit of the Mermaidcore trend and the Y2K aesthetic. Don't miss the opportunity to make this exceptional piece of jewelry your own and shine brightly throughout the summer season . Ultra limited edition!

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